The Prisoner of Infinity


an inborn fear

The Prisoner of Infinity: Trauma, Transformation, and Transhumanism, a Psycho-History of Whitley Strieber.

Prisoner of Infinity is about seeking a secret that we keep from ourselves, knowing that such seeking always becomes a way to conceal the secret, because, well, that’s just what we do. The aim of the work is to spot and map the ways in which this happens – to see the blind spot (Strieber’s, and by extension everyone’s) by noticing how things aren’t adding up – hopefully before we get blind-sided by the Universe.

The Prisoner of Infinity is a personal narrative that describes the author’s process of sifting through the clues in Strieber’s body of work and discovering a hidden “code” that unlocks their shared “traumata” and places it in a more metaphoric, healing light—as crucial fiction.

Imagine The Da Vinci Code using Strieber’s oeuvre as the Mona Lisa. The Prisoner of Infinity presents the “lost body” of Strieber’s work and of the author’s life simultaneously. By overlapping the two psyches, a vesica piscis is created. This vesica piscis is a lens through which the collective psyche can then be glimpsed.

The “metaphorensics laboratory” of crucialfictions.com is a “think space” designed to extend this process into a living art project. It invites conversation with readers and listeners and for them to offer up their own interpretations (through artwork, music, or video) as part of a collective creative adventure.

Part One, “Whitley’s Game,” consists of 12 written pieces, to be accompanied by images, songs, conversation audios, and videos.